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1950s 001, Chet, Irene, Ed, July 19551950s 002, Watching Boats, 19551950s 003, Mother B July 19551950s 0041950s 005, Ruchers Boat at Marine... 19551950s 006, Burnham Posterity July 19541950s 007, Chet, July 25, 19541950s 008, Ruth and Chet, July 19541950s 009, Bill Gallamore in %22Easter Bonnet,%22 July 19541950s 010, Chet, Bill, Georgia, %22sure was good%22 July 19531950s 011, Bill, Georgia, Lisa, July 19531950s 012, Grandma B and Grandkids, July 19531950s 013, Mother B and Children %22after Dinner%22 July 19531950s 014, Uncle Roy and Aunt Lucy, August 19521950s 015, Uncle Roy, Aunt Lucy, Lucille, August 19521950s 016, Uncle Roy B and Stan, August 19521950s 017, Uncle Roy B and Lucille, August 19521950s 018, Susan Gallamore, July 19511950s 019,  Susan Gallamore, July 19511950s 020, Chet and Ruth, 1951